University Writing Center


Organization Scheme:

The University Writing Center (UWC) webpage has an ambiguous organization scheme. The categories of the website are not organized chronologically or alphabetically, but rather by task. For example, “Make an Appointment” the primary task of most visitors, is at the top of the navigation list. At the same time, another label, “Becoming a Tutor,” suggests another type of audience may visit the UWC site.

Labeling Scheme:

The primary mode of labeling in the UWC website concerns navigation system choices. On the left side of the page, there are several labels: Make an Appointment; Hours, Location & Contact; Skype Sessions; Plagiarism; Handouts for Writers; Other Links on Writing; Becoming a Tutor; and Home. While Make an Appointment is a clear label, Other Links on Writing is somewhat unclear.

Navigation Scheme:

The UWC has a local navigation system. In fact, the middle diagram in Figure 7-1 (116) perfectly describes how the site works. On each page, the header changes to let the user know which page she’s visiting. The only confusing navigational moment is the Plagiarism link, which brings the user outside of the UWC site and into the NIU English Department’s site.