1/19 Introductions
App of the week: Wikispaces

1/26 Wikinomics, Part 1
Read: Wikinomics, Chs. 1-4
Watch: Jimmy Wales on the birth of Wikipedia (TED Talk)
App of the week: HTML, guest lecturer Eric Hoffman

2/2 Class Cancelled - Severe Weather
Read: Wikinomics, Chs. 5, 9-10, continue discussion on Wikinomics page

2/9 Information Architecture, Part 1
Read: Information Architecture, pp. 3-52
App of the week: WordPress , presented by Jessica Schlueter and Kelle Sills
Due: Websites for analysis. Please select a website for your analysis paper. Bring the URL and reason for your selection to share with the class.

2/16 Information Architecture, Part 2
Read: Information Architecture, pp. 53-144
App of the week: ManyEyes, presented by Shelley Korth and Cameron Orr
Check it out at

2/23 Web Content: Context, Purpose, Audience
Read: Letting Go of the Words, Chs. 1-4
App of the week: YouTube

3/2 Web Style
Read: Letting Go of the Words, Chs. 5-8
App of the week: Twitter, presented by Jeff Gard and Lindsay Massie
Some Basic Info:
Twitter style? 140 Characters: A Style Guide for the Short Form

3/9 Letting Go of the Words, Part 3
Read: Letting Go of the Words, Chs. 9, 10, and 12
Presentation on Writing Optimized Web Content from Jeannine East
Due: Website analysis paper

3/16 Spring Break

3/23 Tagging
Watch: Social Bookmarking in Plain English
Read: Mathes, “Folksonomies – Cooperative Classification and Communication Through Shared Metadata.” Online at
Excerpt from Smith, Tagging: People-Powered Metadata for the Social Web (Tagging_excerpt.pdf)
App of the week: Flickr - presenters Alison and Tabatha

3/30 Graphics
Read: Letting Go of the Words, Ch. 11
Web Style Guide, Ch. 11 Graphics

4/6 No Class Meeting - JR at CCCC
Due: Web project proposal

4/13 Web 2.0 and Social Media for Technical Communicators
Presentation on Social Media by guest Todd Kelsey
Read: O’Reilly, “What Is Web 2.0?” (pdf)
Hart-Davidson, “Web 2.0: What Technical Communicators Should Know” (pdf)
Stolley, “Integrating Social Media into Existing Work Environments: The Case of Delicious” (pdf)
App of the week: LinkedIn

4/20 Blogging
Into the Blogosphere, Introduction
Into the Blogosphere, Blanchard, "Blogs as Virtual Communities
Into the Blogosphere, Miller and Shepherd, "Blogging as Social Action"
NY Times, "Blogs Wane"
Pew Internet Report, Generations Online in 2010
Jessica's Blog Writing 101 (read around these resources)
App of the week: Podbean

4/27 Copyright and Authorship Online
Read: Porter, "Recovering Delivery for Digital Rhetoric and Human-Computer Interaction" (pdf)
Excerpt from Reyman, Rhetoric of Intellectual Property (pdf)
Watch: Larry Lessig on laws that choke creativity (TED Talk)
App of the week: Creative Commons

5/4 Class Presentations (Jeremy, Nicole, Kelle, Jessica, Cameron, Kourtney)
Due: Draft of Web Projects

5/11 Class Presentations (Shelley, Joe, Jeff, Megan, Nathan, Tabatha)
Due: Final Web Projects and Reflection Papers