At first glance, the website ( Metro Machinery Rebuilders) looks organized for the most part, but then I noticed to the far right of the screen that there is more types of CNC machines that MMR services, which, had I not been analyzing this site, I would not have noticed if I were just another interested customer. This makes the site look a tad unprofessional and disorganized. The upper right hand corner of the site is organized in that it is all under the same topic like "Contact Us," or "Driving Directions." The left columns of the site are organized as well. What makes the user of the site confused is the difference in text sizes when listing off the different brands of CNC machinery in the middle of the website. I could understand that the ones in larger text are possibly known worldwide, but then again there are still brands that are in smaller text sizes that are just as popular as the ones that are larger. Also, at first sight of the different brand names of CNC machines, you get the idea that you can click on them as if they were a link--it reminded me of a wikipedia link in an article. This makes the customer question the reason for the difference in text sizes and difference in color scheme as in comparison to the list on the upper right and the list on the left, thus giving it a disorganized feel. But for the most part it is an audience specific organization scheme.


The labels are simple Headings, narrowing each category on the left column by different approaches MMR has to offer to their customers. Under "Services," the site lists the different services available, and since there are different types of engineering involved in such a technical and mathematical profession, the "Services" are listed as "Electrical," "Mechanical," "Maintenance," and "Rates," which is simple for future customers to see what the company has to offer. It is a basic Heading layout, with labels describing the content that follows them.


This is where I get confused in analyzing the site. There is no browser to navigate within this website--no search options. All that MMR's site has available are the categories listed in the upper right corner, and the column on the left. It is not like NIU's page where there is a browser to navigate and search. Metro's website is very limited in what the user is able to do. I suppose the site's navigational title would be local, because it only offers specifically what Metro Machinery Rebuilders' does as a company and doesn't give the website user any options to search within the site.

Home Page

In identifying the site, MMR did all they possibly could to establish the brand, since it is really something very specific for those in the engineering field. Normally, people simply browsing the web wouldn't somehow end up on this website unless they had a reason to be looking into CNC repairs. From the very short introduction of the site, those who are interested in MMR can see the brand names that the company specializes in repairing, and also they can look to the left table of contents (pathway) for more specific departments, for example, Electrical or Mechanical.

The personality of the site was a little more difficult to come across, since, being that it is a very technical type of company, there is not much personality to offer. The personality of the site would have to be that MMR works on a variety of different types of CNC machines, are reasonably priced and are not merely just a local company--they're known throughout North America, and MMR has been a stable and successful company for 16+ years now. They are reliable for machinery repairs.

Going back to identifying the site, which then touches on "what the site is all about," this wouldn't be a site for anyone to look up in order to define CNC equipment or how CNC machines are used within the fields of Mechanical and Electrical engineering. The site is made for those who know the profession behind machine tools. You get the feel (if you know the profession) of what MMR is about by reading the simple introduction and what brands they service, which really is a lot.

There is no search browser offered on this site, but there is the left column (Table of Contents) which serves as a pathway page to the different types of departments, and ways of getting a hold of the company for quotations, etc. Many people go to MMR's site who need immediate repairs on a piece of CNC equipment, to view the "To-Do-List" on the site, as well as get a quote quickly.

MMR's site is simply laid out, and easy to use for those who need repair and quotes on machinery quickly. Reading the simple homepage makes it clear to the audience for their reason to be at the site--you either have an engineering background, or else you are going to be confused as to how this site has any relevance to you. It is set up so future customers can easily read on the company as quickly and efficiently as possible. Their questions can be answered within minutes.

Pathway Page

Although it is extremely simple and on the Home Page, the Pathway Page is literally a table of contents, narrowing down the options that MMR makes available for past, current and future customers. Each category is labeled as so: "Services," "Sales," and "About Us," making it very direct and easy for the customers to find out information. Under "Services," MMR lists the departments which they run: electrical and mechanical, as well as maintenance and the rates of each, making it super easy for the user to find what they're looking for. Each category has its sub-categories, with the frequently searched options for a CNC company, made easy for customers. Without the Pathway Page, there really wouldn't be a website, or even a need for the site. This is what makes the site a whole and what is needed for it to function well for its users.