Our Apps of the Week:

App of the Week PagesOn the week that you are asked to demonstrate your “app of the week” to the class, you will create, write, and publish a new page on your topic to the class wiki. The page should be a summary of your class presentation. However, this page should also work as a stand-alone page; that is, it should be understandable for someone reading who has not attended your class presentation. The page might include an overview of the application and how it can be used, a demonstration of how to use it for specific purposes (using appropriate visual aids), and links to additional information. Your audience for this writing will be other graduate students interested in digital writing who have no prior knowledge of the application.

App of the Week Demonstration

During many weeks this semester two or three students will present on an assigned web application used for writing in digital environments (e.g., Flickr, YouTube, ManyEyes, WordPress, Creative Commons, etc.). Your presentation will take place during our lab time (the second half of the class period) and should be scheduled for 30-40 minutes. The purpose of this presentation is to introduce the application to novices, those who have never before seen the application. You should describe what the application is and what a writer/educator/communicator can use it for. You should then walk the class through a demonstration of using the application. You should focus specifically on the rhetorical purposes and implications of the technology for writers.

This presentation will require a fairly extensive amount of research on your part. You will need to research what the technology is on a very basic level and its uses by writers, in addition to its basic features. Approach the presentation as you would a research paper, allowing enough time to conduct your research before planning what you will say about the topic. It is not enough to walk your fellow class members through setting up an account. Rather, you should get them thinking about how this application might serve them well as writers and how they might choose to use it in their final media projects. Feel free to cite relevant academic and professional sources and websites.

Rather than relying on handouts during your presentation, you can create a page on our class wiki to share with audience members. See the previous section for information on what your wiki page might contain.