Organization systems

Anderson’s Bookstore uses a hybrid organizational system. The website combines a task-oriented scheme and an audience-oriented scheme. The bookstore first desires the users to learn about the bookstore’s award winners for 2011, several links asking the readers to join their mailing list, see their autographed books, join their Facebook group, and follow them on twitter. Three of the six icons have unclear intentions, until you click on the icon and find what they intended with the labels “google ebooks, @” and an icon with a feather quill and hand. Twitter and Facebook are the only recognized icons. Besides these six icons, the website lacks an organization theme. Instead, of an organizational theme, the website has icons showing different events the bookstore is holding.


The navigation system used for Anderson’s Bookstore is a global navigation. The navigation header remains on every page of the website. However, one of the links leads to a dead page that does not clearly direct you to the page you were looking for. Also, the header navigation does not use a uniformed drop down menu, the last four links do not have a drop down option and could be linked with other labels in the list.


Word choices for labeling, on Anderson’s Bookstore’s website, are done well and seem to be user friendly. However, on the homepage, there seems to be a lack of any consistent labeling mechanism. The site is in need of a cohesive labeling system. The labeling of the Navigation Links are not placed in any apparent order, however the word choices for the main navigation link is not misleading or confusing. An index labeling system would work well for the left of the websites homepage. Instead, the site uses a heading labeling system for the left hand side and contextual links for the rest of the page. The contextual links, however, are placed as for the different events at Anderson Bookstore.


By using the five major functions of homepages in Letting Go of the Words, by Janice Redish, users can see the major flaws and accomplishments of Anderson’s Bookshop. Anderson’s Bookshop does a great job of establishing a brand on the website and identifying the site. The graphic label and photo of bookshelves in Anderson’s Bookshop helps set the tone of the site. Specifically, the photo at the top of the page, gives the bookshop an inviting feel and personalizes the bookstore. However, if the photo was a panoramic instead of multiple shots poorly edited together, the photo would have been more affective. Just visiting the homepage, users would see that the store views its events as very important. The website does allow users to start tasks easily, however, the site uses most of the homepage’s space for events. The use of space on the homepage does not allow each person to move throughout the site “effectively and efficiently” (Redish 30).

No pathway page present of Anderson Bookstore.